Friday, October 30, 2009

Prep for Sunday

U2 at the Rose Bowl

-We have read through the Gospel and now we want to reflect on what we read. Just like what Rob said on Sunday, we want to share when the kingdom came alive to you. You can share a passage or a story or something that we talked about on Sunday.

-It would be cool if you could share by having some type of creative expression such as a picture, song, poem, art piece, food, or anything you want.

-It would also be cool if everyone could share something so come prepared.

-We are also going to have the cover contest for the best Gospel cover. If you haven't done anything yet you still have time. There will be a prize for the winner!!!

Scan the entire Gospel for something to share about what you learned of the kingdom and it coming alive to you.

Here's an example for me about the kingdom coming alive. I am on a U2 kick so I decided to go with one of there songs.

Miracle Drug

Grupo Mexico

Grupo Mexico, originally uploaded by hallywood.
Shot through the back window of the van, as we were leaving the colonia of Grupo Mexico.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A day in Tijuana

Grupo Mexico, originally uploaded by hallywood.

A group of us spent the day earlier this week in Tijuana, learning about Tijuana's history, experiencing some of it's profound contrasts, and meeting some of its amazing people. Its border crossing with San Diego is the most-crssed border in the world (300,000 people a day), is 15 minutes from our community of Golden Hill, and is part of the 5 million person metro area of San Diego and Tijuana. There's so much more to Tijuana than the kitschy (and these days, ghostown-ish) Avenida de Revolucion. We spent the day just beginning to peek below the surface of this amazing city, which one resident called "the most evangelized city in the world."

More photos here.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Map of Golden Hill

View Golden Hill in a larger map

We've got a very preliminary map of our neighborhood, setup on Google Maps. Some of our homes, local eateries, bike shops and coffee shops are indicated. Lots more to be added.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chris's 30th Piñata

Mop handle wouldn't work. Resorted to throwing a football to bust it open, then all mayhem broke lose, as friends, family and colleagues resorted to pile-on tactics. Oh, what people will do for some taffy and smarties.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sleepless in San Diego

Some of us in NieuCommunities San Diego are turning up the volume, listening to God, exploring and learning about the growing homeless problem here in San Diego. We're praying and listening, looking for where God is at work, and where (and how) he might have us join Him in loving some of the hardest to love in our neighborhood. It's something most of us see everyday on our streets.

Over the last year, homelessness grew 13% in San Diego county, to nearly 8,000 people. Over 2,000 of those are kids. One of the groups we're learning about is San Diego Youth Services, who work to help kids on the streets. There's an effort underway to raise money to build a facility here in San Diego specifically for homeless youth. Check out this video, which spells out some of the reality of homeless kids in our city, and talks a bit more about one effort this group is undertaking to do something about it.

Campaign for Abandoned Youth Trailer: from on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Last weekend, a group of us attended Entijuanarte, an art and music event held once a year in Tijuana. It was an amazing experience, with art that was surprising in it's diversity, message and innovation. We met and talked with a number of the artists, including painters, photographers and entrepreneurial creatives making a living with their art. Entijuanarte opened my eyes to the amazing creativity going on in Tijuana. More than that though, Peter Schrock, who came along with me, had a great observation.

He said that it seemed many of "the art and artists at Entijuanrte seem to be part of a larger, global conversation going on." I couldn't agree more.

Through the language of art, these Tijuana artists are part of (and contributing to) the global conversation that's taking place. Worldwide in scope, it's a conversation thats subtle, and can only be heard (or seen, as it were) if you're looking for it. And it happens on another plane, one not bounded by borders, politics or language. It's informed and influenced by those realities, but not bounded by them.
We saw many hints of this at Entijuanarte; from the art of Tecui, the enterprising artist who draws inspiration from the Baja landscape, and creates whimsical, simple illustrations and characters, carrying a consistent theme across canvas and products alike; from a photographer who shoots amazing masterpieces of landscapes in Chile, crafting the end result with Ansel Adams-like craftsmanship and ability, only he's using 21st century tools; from a printmaker who also works in both Mexico Italy, creating very personal art that addresses social issues; and from artists who had more of a street art style, creating work on cardboard and canvas with equal excellence.

All these artists live in Tijuana by choice. Their styles and abilities easily stand alongside some of the best artists globally. Some of their techniques and styles were familiar, clearly informed and influenced by what is happening in the world art scene. Yet their work was anything but "me too" mimickery. It was expressive, and contained personal, local influences that make it truly unique to Tijuana.

It was a truly powerful and inspiring listening and viewing experience. How fortunate we are to live next door to this great city.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

South Park Walkabout

Walkabout, originally uploaded by hallywood.

Four times a year, our neighboring community of South Park hosts a "Walkabout," where the community comes out in force, businesses are open late, and it's one big street and sidewalk gathering. Good times.

More photos here.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Gospel Reflection Correction

I made a mistake with the page numbers this time.
We need to read through the top of 110.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gospel Reflection

Jesus calls us to lead by serving one another. As we read on Sunday, a great example of what that looks like is the story of the sheep and the goats. This is a challenge that we must always keep in front of us reminding us how we must lead.

For Sunday Read through the top of page 102.