Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nueva Generacion

We spent the afternoon today at Nueva Generacion, a boys home in Tijuana led by Luis Salinas, his wife an family. It was an amazing day, playing futbol with the boys, eating pizza, and learning more about life and ministry in Tijuana. Thanks Shaun and Maria for opening up your world to us!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Garden ...

I read a great article in the LA Times this morning about the New Root's Community Farm that Michael Kolbas supports and cheers on through his work at the IRC.

The girls and I have been driving by the farm on Chollas Pkwy on the way to Emily's school for the past couple of months, I discovered the farm accidentally while trying to find a shortcut one day. I've been praying for the people working in the field as we pass it on Monday and Wednesday. I often wonder about their stories, how they came to be here in this little corner of San Diego and what their everyday lives are like. Thankfully this story gave me a little peek into that.

And since nature it was one of the topics at last night's discussion, I found it very encouraging to see how God's creativity with nature can bring people from such diverse cultures together.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Its always better when we're together....

Peter moved to the apartment next door. Though the destination was only a few feet away, the load was much lighter because we were all together. Some of us carried boxes and furniture, others cleaned, others just hung out and we all took breaks to play around and enjoy the sunny San Diego afternoon. One of the simple beauties of community is that we get to surround each other, even in the smaller transitions of life.

shared leadership

Here's another great reason for us to be an all-play community:

"Jesus exercises the only kind of leadership that can evoke authentic community--a leadership that risks failure (the crucifixion) by making space for others to act. When a leader takes up all the space and preempts all the action, he or she may make something happen, but that something is not community."

"When a leader is willing to trust the abundance that people can generate together, willing to take risk of inviting people to share from that abundance, then and only then may true community emerge."

- Parker Palmer