Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mark McAfee and raw milk

Mark McAfee Speaks about Raw Milk

On Saturday, John and Bri Coghlan invited Mark McAfee from Organic Pastures in the Central Valley (one of only two raw milk producers in California) to come to Golden Hill and talk with us about the benefits of drinking raw milk. Mark is a passionate, compelling speaker with an amazing knowledge not just of the benefits of drinking raw milk, but on the food industry as a whole.

A bunch of us at NieuCommunities San Diego have been exploring issues of food justice and understanding the benefits of eating natural, truly organic, locally grown food, the way that God made it. Mark's insights were terrific. And dang, the raw milk samples he brought tasted amazing.

The audio recording is 1:48 (that's nearly two hours long), but it's amazing stuff. Mark is a great speaker, so pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee (or raw milk), kick back, and listen up.

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Note: the recording is downloadable (see the down-arrow to the right of the player) and can be embedded in your own blog or website. Mark encouraged us to share this, blog it, and pass it around.



Chis said...

I will have to listen to this whole speech when I have time. I would love to try raw milk. Thank you for this post and the feed from the speech.


Ellie said...

I drink the Raw Colostrum everyday..
I eat everything else they sell too.
From: Cheeses, Butter, Meat, Almonds, Kombucha Tea..It's all is so fresh and tases great!!!
Thanks's McAfee's and to everyone else who keep the supply goin...