Monday, March 1, 2010

New Roots Garden

Last Saturday, some of us spent a rainy (periodically storming) day volunteering at the New Roots urban garden in City Heights. Facilitated by the International Rescue Committee (IRC), New Roots is a 2.3 acre urban garden, providing plots for approximately 80 families representing 12 countries, all refugees who fled from oppressive or dangerous circumstances, and relocated here to San Diego. Through this garden, these refugee families are able to grow their own affordable, healthy food, many of which can't be found in markets here in San Diego. Some sell extra produce grown to local restaurants, providing an additional source of revenue for their families.

Volunteers were of all shapes, sizes, ethnicity and age. It was a small taste of the kingdom of God, a rich experience that went far beyond merely shoveling and moving mulch. Thanks to Michael Kolbas for coordinating the event, and all the work you do for the Garden and the IRC.



Rob Yackley said...

Good work Jon! Props to you, David, and Michael to get out there in the rain and mud and represent and let your light shine!

Amy said...

way to go san diego. love seeing you all move toward creation care. Being good stewards of the earth , you bodies and ultimately the kingdom.